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From Mental_floss.com, here's a useless fun quiz. (see the link below) Here's a picture of some items from the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog. Can you tell what it is?


Take the test - let us know how you did!

Note: I got 8 out of ten wrong!

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I got 7 right, so what's that say about me??? (I shoulda known that was a Star Trek Internet Communicator )
I got 7 right and also missed the Star Trek thing. Does this mean I'm weird. I know bubba's weird.
I got 4 right. And I knew the Star Trek communicator, since my husband actually WANTS one. I guess I know where to get his Christmas present now, lol!
We got four right.
Six out of ten. And not to spoil one, I need #3 for other people in my house.
I got 8 correct.

I used to spend too much time on planes, and got some amusement from some of those catalogs. I think some of the ads only make sense in an environment that lacks the ordinary amount of oxygen.
I don't know how I did, because the screen blanked out after the communitor pic, and wouldn't give me a result.
I only got five right and I look at those catalogs all of the time.
I got 4 right.. thye do have some strange things in that catalogue
I got seven right. Should I be ashamed?
I am very proud to report that I have no clue about any of this stuff am currently leading the pack with more common sense than the prior posters. I blaze ahead with 1 out 10.

I believe I shall now rest on my laurels of total oblivion of the current state of perceived societal needs.




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