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I listen to NPR daily.   I learn a lot of useful and worthless information about the big world we live on.

This story made me smile.


I also work in a world of names.  They also make me smile and sometimes scratch my little blonde head in wonderment.   What were their parents thinking?

Throw some odd and unusual names out....people or places, titles and references.  Names of pets, what you call your car or various pieces of equipment.

I had three people with the surnames of Tissue, Lung and Butts in the same day.

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Who named Wade?

Our new cat was a rescue and came to us with health problems. After a mind blowing vet. visit we had three different kinds of medicine to give her--a story by itself. We couldn't think of a name for her, and decided to let it come to us as time passed. Well, the third day into the medicines she began to pass gas almost constantly. She would whirl around to see what was making that sound, at times biting her tail, other times sniffing around her tail looking baffled. One memorable time jumping straight into the air, landing with a huge, bushed out tail. As we were petting her on the bed one day, and she was being her most adorable self, she let loose with a truly awe inspiring faarrrt, looked at us and MEEEOW! As in please help me here. We named her Windy. The Vet's office spells her name Wendy, and we just let them go ahead with that.

That cannot be made up.     :-)

There's a road in Tampa, Bearss Ave. Every time I see that sign I read it Bearass.

I've been down that road...think the same thing.   There are people with that name IRL!

I've had a few men with the middle name of Lavern today. 

Plus on with the middle name of Allison.

I've heard there is a town called Bland in Virginia.  They should meet up w/Bland and Boring.

This is why we call him Double Wide. 

You should've heard the name I called the guy who cut me off on my way home tonight.

Jaylee, I have a lot of relatives Named Bland. That was my Grand Mothers maiden name. There is a little town just down the road from my farm that is named Blandville. Believe me, it is. There are only about 5 houses and a church. They closed the Post Office a few years ago.

There is a big difference between Sweet Pea, and Pee Sweet.

I'm not quite sure what that means, but it sounds funny.





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