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I listen to NPR daily.   I learn a lot of useful and worthless information about the big world we live on.

This story made me smile.


I also work in a world of names.  They also make me smile and sometimes scratch my little blonde head in wonderment.   What were their parents thinking?

Throw some odd and unusual names out....people or places, titles and references.  Names of pets, what you call your car or various pieces of equipment.

I had three people with the surnames of Tissue, Lung and Butts in the same day.

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I named a batshit-crazy lost cat that took up residence on my front porch "Hitler". Believe me, it earned it. I also had a messed-up calico cat (One eye bigger than the other one, cleft palate, a few other malformations) that I named "Quaz", short for "Quasimodette".

Just to get a rise out of my mom, I used to tell total strangers that, when my child was born, that it would be named either "Cruise Missile" or "Love Canal" depending on it's gender.

What's in a name? OK for those of you that don't know, TeeBubbaDee, was pretty much a fluke. My wife used to sell on ebay under the name bubbadee. Her name is Dee, and we had a cat named Bubba. My antique business was in decline at about the same time she decided to go back to work, and so I took over her ebay business as bubbadee. I read an article (Time Mag I think) about a website that caught my attention. Dee was in Fl. and I was stuck in OH, and lonely. I took a leap of faith and signed up with the bubbadee name. I was welcomed with open arms by many TBD'ers, and found a home for myself online that I had never was dreamed possible. After forging many bonds, a certain member started calling me TeeBubbaDee to represent  the initials T B D. (thanks Pru/Eddie)

When I was going to college in WV I used to drive by a mailbox that had the name Uriha Butcher on it. 

I thought that said that you went to college in WWI.  I don't think anyone who did that is still alive.

Cool!   @ Uriha Butcher!   I'm not touching Slims remark....:-)

I just remembered a kid I was in Junior High School with.  His name was Joe Coffee.  It didn't occur to me until now that his first and last names were synonymous.

My mother went to school with some one named Glen Glenn...

I can't imagine what this kid went through. 

Bwahahaha.... unbelievable!




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