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Except, they died to protect our right to do exactly that.

Supposedly. They MAY have died because people like President Caligula or Mitch McConnell thought they might earn a few bucks in the process, so they sent them on some pointless suicide mission.

Or maybe Caligula wanted to fuck his Eurohillbilly skank wife, and the only way he can get his syphillitic pindick up, is by gloating about the power he has to kill helpless kids like the ones in those coffins. And then HE wipes HIS ass with Old Glory, once he's finished taking a shit while tweet-bitching about how HE'S got it so much worse than any of those fallen soldiers.

...All while the poor saps actually BELIEVED that they were dying for some higher ideal.

Or maybe they just couldn't get any other damn job.

why are these assholes still here?.goes to show who is really full of shit





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