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What outfit or article of clothing do you like to see your SO wearing the most?

towel wrapped around his waist!

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How does one wear that???
Or do I really want to know???
I love it when he wears a tux. I've only seen that a couple of times, and it was delicious.
Just a smile.

But I don't have an SO so it doesn't count.

pink dress with a par of paten lether shoos n white sox

He looks real nice in black, but says it is too hot for that color.  I miss seeing him in his black leather jacket and doc martens actually!

Oh...I love to see him in, and out, of anything. He has beautiful, muscular legs and buttocks, so shorts are a turn on. Great arms, so anything that gives me a glimpse of wrists or forearms or biceps makes me salivate. Broad, strong chest, so tee shirts make me want to slide my hand underneath...Mmmmmmmmmmm. 

Maybe, though, I love a dress shirt best, open at the collar with his crisp white tee shirt--looking so southern gentlemanly--peeking out and his kissable clavicle just above a fringe of soft curly black hair.

Uhnnnnnnnn....could somebody get my drool bucket???

(Oh, yeah, and like Kainsworth said, a tuxedo...or his doctoral robes and tam.)





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