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I've been trying to figure out where everyone went after TBD1 and why even those who signed in here don't check in any more.  I know sites like EONS and some others, notably FB, have caught their interest and held it. Why?


Can anyone tell me what is better about FB than here?  I know the format here isn't user-friendly like TBD1 but come on! FB doesn't look any more convivial to me. So why did they stay there instead of here?  I just don't get it. Enlighten me.

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I've heard of it...

Urban dictionary defines it as something different though.
Oh, Quinn, you & I are eerily alike.
You're next Quinn!

My Atlantis is fun and fresh. That is it's draw right now.

It's funny. Many of the same people are there and here, yet the conevrsations over there are fairly boring.
WendyLynn: "Same old people, same old stories after all" .

"Pod People" - et al and "boring"

To those of you who are participating in My Atlantis and are bashing it here in TBD, are you not being a bit hypocritical?

It's just this sort of continued negativity that reflects badly on us as a membership.
Since I am not a member of MA, I guess I can assume that I'm not being hypocritical when I say MA had nothing to interest me, seemed like a rehash of TBD2, and in fact sometimes has the exact same questions posted as are posted here.
In many cases it is because some members from here post the same questions over there, and vice versa.
I understand that.
I've got a profile over there...have never posted, and as Stir said same questions as over here. In fact the times I have "lurked" over there the most active groups on the front page were ithe sex talk groups which I'm not interested in....so i just stay here.

Yep, if there isn't a group here called "The Drama Club", perhaps there should be.




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