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I'm Puddin Peppermint!
What's yours??

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HAHA,Helen,Merry Christmas

I just realized that the last column of alphabet letters does not show up in the link here.  It does on an FB page, so here are the names for that last column of letters:

U-Peaches; V-Gingerbread; W-Frisbee; X-Evergreen; Y-Pinky; Z-Tinsel

Jolly Picklepants!   LOL

LUV it, Robert!!

That's not fair, TW.  My Elf name is Elivs Peppermint.  I love Elvis but I don't want his name as my Elf name...LOL!!  I think I'll just use Peppermint!

Your elf name fits you perfectly.....I love it!!

I didn't go in and check it out, because I already have an elf name.My grandkids call me GG elf (great grandma elf) because I worked at Keebler for 34 years.

I wish I could think of something like that Robert. That's a great one.

i kinda think Robert C. Anderson gets the prize for best elf name

So far.... I gotta agree, flipper!!

Eaglewoman, you are a true cookie elf....love what your grand kids call you.  Love those Keebler cookies too!!

Robert C, that's a good one!


when the 2 oldest great grands were little they were flying across country and had a lay over here, my boss let me take them some cookies when I went to the airport to meet them.The bags were white plastic with Ernie the elf on the side. The grandson then about 4 said"I knew that was my gg because the elf on the bag"




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