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How do you know when a tomato is fresh, skip the this that: you know from the past experience of tasting over or under ripe tomatoes.

In our physical existence, to truly appreciate the finer things, you need to have som experience with their outer limits.

To appreciate a warm day, it helps to know cold. To really appreciate eggs that come from a box, you need a run in with a chicken or two.

Many will say that the op. Of love is hate ( though I tout indifference), the opposite of a boy is a girl, the opposite of hot cold , though that might take a hit or two.

Everything has an apposite, in a world of duality, doesn't it...? Then what do you feel might qualify to be the opposite of ...100?

Love to all and kisses from America! motherSanity!

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I would say Jaylee is closest to being correct. Every number describes a definite quantity. How can there be an opposite?




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