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I have no special plans. I need to do a few chores, watch some T.V. shows, maybe  get back to coloring my mermaid and continue with music business stuff. What will you be doing?

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No special plans for me this weekend.  For those of you close to the Jersey Shore, I saw on the news tonight that it is already getting crowded.

Yep. I won't be going anywhere that's packed right now.

I'm waiting until the third week in September to head down to the timeshare in Atlantic City. The amount of guests should be thinned out by then. 

Just got back from my grandson's 13th birthday party. That will probably be the highlight of our weekend.

No plans here, we are still staying home for the most part. My husband may go for a walk, I will do my normal chores and cook. We just subscribed to CBS All Access I am watching The Good fight so maybe I'll get in an episode or 2 of that in.  

Going over my daughter's tomorrow for dinner.

Laundry and paying bills as usual.

Nothing. Did a few outside things this AM before it got hot...watered and picked a few more apples. Tomorrow will be more of the same except for the apples. Monday I'll join a friend for coffee in the morning. Weather is nuts...91 today, 86 tomorrow and 55 on Monday with wind and maybe some rain...a blue norther which might bring snow in the mountains. I'll need to cover the tomatoes Monday night since the forecast is for 30 degrees. Kind of smoky/hazy, too.

Wow...that's quite a drop in temps MTW.  I read the other day (a foreign news site too) that the northeast region in the U.S. is supposed to experience quite a cold snap starting this month. Also, I bet your apples are good. So much of the fruit I have eaten over the past couple of years doesn't taste like much. I did have a couple of good tasting apples in the past week though.

TBD member Zoom on Saturday. Oldest son helping me on the farm on Sunday. Build fence on Monday.




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