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Any ideas about what you wanna do while you are here? I'm would really like to have a lunch or dinner here at my place. I guess it would really depend on how many people show though. I have a kitchen table, and a dining room table that I think we could seat at least 10, and probably 12.(eating at couches and coffee tables would add another 4, and for the adventurous that can eat off their lap, probably another 4 or 5.  And if the weather cooperates I could seat at least another 10 or 12 outside. 

Let us know what you would like to do while here. (other than going to the nude beach, Deez didn't think that was a good idea)

There is a local strip club (and I'm NOT KIDDING, the name is MY ATLANTIS) that has a free buffet from 12 to 3 if you are into cocktail weenies wrapped in crescent rolls. Yum!!

Just let us know what ya wanna do in Fl in Feb!!!

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I agree that this should be a casually planned event. Everyone pay as you go or have it catered and everyone chip in. After all its all of you that is the enticement to showing up, not doing stuff even though that can be fun too.

I thought it was very cool in Pittsburgh that they found restaurant that catered to everyone's dietary needs AND chipped in a portion of their take to OFR.

I'm thinking of getting in Thursday or Friday, not sure yet and will likely get a car so can do some airport runs if needed.


Am looking forward to meeting you still!!!!! And I agree, I think casual is the way to go. Hey, my idea of getting dressed up is wearing jeans a tee shirt, instead of shorts and a tank top. Geeze, getting fancy, I'll lace up my tennies instead of wearing my sandals.

Hi gals and guys. Just a quickie to let you know that I'm still in. Currently I am at my farm in WV and have to go to town in order to get on the internet. There is no cell phone coverage out at the farm and I'm not there enough to justify satilite.  I'll check in from time to time. My previous commitment stands. Love you guys and gals.

And!!! i aplogize to DEEZ. It's just that I'm getting old and feeble. DEEZ, my fingers got tired before I got to you. I'll be sure and put you on top the next time. (Think I saw an image of that sometime in the past)

...did you just say you were going to put me on top next time, Robbie?


...& I thought I told you to get rid of those pics!!

Too late Deez, Have you checked his Facebook page recently?
d@mmit. I didn't think he'd use discretion, especially after those "sandwich" pics from the Pittsburgh Meetup hit the web. He's just loose, that's all there is to it.

One of my (many) concerns about this here February Meetup. Way too many True Friends.


Teebs has begun making requirements around the Meetup.

The first is that there will be twirling in circles.

Here's Quinn practicing up...

I got shirts for you girls.


Do I have to wear a TuTu?
Another unwanted image in your mind! (:>)




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