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I seem to learn something new nearly every day. Sometimes it's something as simple as, 'Don't talk politics with the new coworker.' Or, 'Do not put the rubbing alcohol in the spot where the mouthwash usually sits.'

Today it was an interesting, but useless, piece of trivia. You're all familiar with the phrase, "Blowing smoke up his ass"? Did you ever wonder WHY someone would say that?

It seems that in the early 1800's there was a device called a tobacco smoke enema. Yep, you can guess how it was used.... They thought it was effective for reviving drowning victims, or relieving "stoppages". It wasn't, but it did spawn an interesting phrase at least!

So, what have you got - what did you learn today?

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There is a program called Hearts Of Space that has been airing since 1973. It can be found on an NPR station. It plays mostly instrumental music from all over the globe. I'll have to listen to it.
I found it!!

I learned that even a struggling football team can win. Yeah Chiefs.
I learned that teens are not much different than when we were teens, and I think I "bonded" with my nephew again, since he was 3. We kind of "un-bonded." Now he is now 14. I hope we re-bonded.

And I've learned you can't always judge a person by their feet! Check out my friend SandraDee!
Was the turkey and the gentleman the same man?
Gobble Gobble
I learn that no matter how bad a team might be--there will be some good teams that will have sympathy on the bad teams--and therefore make big misteaks that allows for the bad teams to win!
I learned that an 18hr day on 9 hrs of sleep is just as tiring as if I'd slept 3-1/2 hrs.
You and I are on the same page completely. But if we all make a consious effort, we can change things. Just gotta give a 'rats ass'.
Oh, Aggie. That's funny.

I learned today that the blending of two words is called a portmanteau. I may have to use it in conversation soon even though I detest most portmanteaus. :-)




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