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At about 8:00pm I went for a walk with my dog, Happy. It had cooled down, there was a nice breeze, and Tee Shirt and Shorts were very comfortable.

That is Key West in Feb.

It was 18 degrees in Livingston, Texas. That is where I will be on Feb 26. Sure hope I can take some of this Key West Weather with me.

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We go to Fort Zachary beach so we bike through tthe Truman Annex. It's so pretty there...well, is any place in Key West not pretty?

Except maybe Sloppy Joes at 2am :-)

After I did about eight loads of laundry, chipped away some of the ice underneath the snow on our front walk, pushed a neighbor who got stuck out of their driveway, did the dishes and vacuumed the house, I took a break, got a few more Valentine's Day dedications ironed out, ate a sandwich while watching last night's Bill Mahr, got Gina ready and we went to the grocery store. We are now debating watching "The Wolfman", or just calling it a night.




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