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At about 8:00pm I went for a walk with my dog, Happy. It had cooled down, there was a nice breeze, and Tee Shirt and Shorts were very comfortable.

That is Key West in Feb.

It was 18 degrees in Livingston, Texas. That is where I will be on Feb 26. Sure hope I can take some of this Key West Weather with me.

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That goes above and beyond in my book!


If you have any leftovers, I'll take them.

Wish we could have the hors d'oeuvres & some drinks at your place or mine & just skip the party. ;-p

Actually, I just dozed off. I either need to take a quickie nap or get my butt in gear!

Tapas, Lobster Stew & Sangria sounds FAB!!

I haven't done it yet, but...


When I log off here I'm going to shower.

Then walk the dog.

Then go to dinner at the little Spanish place down the street. I will probably have tapas of some sort to start and then maybe some Lobster stew, they make a very good one! And of course, a little Sangria ;-)

I think I'm gonna build my evening meal around tubular steaks inside breadlike cylinders, and very thin corragated potato slices.


Thats subject to change, of course. 

Is that code for a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich & chips?
No, nothing that fancy for the meat course.  Think of something more basic.  LOL!
Yup, correct, K.  However, I did change it up, and had the frozen shrimplets and fried potatoes, and Coke.  Yum!

oh, duh!


Tx, Kooner. ;-p

Missed this last night so here's a summary:

  5:30 home from work

   6:30 crawled into bed with clothes on.

  9:30 woke up wondering where the hell I was and what day it was....

  11:30..back to bed..sanz clothes but with the blanket turned on..


  Feeling a bit better....watching "sing-a-long" Grease.  Hanging out with you fine folks for a bit.  :-)

Quinn, of course I'll be on Southard. that's one way to Truman annex.  And the Carrage Trade is on Eaton a couple blocks North. that is the B&B that has a resturant that only serves 21 people at lunch.  Only open Thur through Sat. You pay $12 and they only have one meal on the menu. You eat it or nothing no specials. the food is delicious.  Two Gay chiefs.

Here is the entrance.


The dining area



Well that seems to have went screwy. Oh well, you get the Idea

Is he one of the chiefs? '-)




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