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1.  People don’t generally tend to side with people who cost them paychecks, and many military families are already living paycheck to paycheck. A great many are on food stamps. Consider this: Would YOU continue to support someone who told you you had to keep working while your bills went unpaid? This will show how the corporate-owned Tea Party REALLY feels about our military personnel.


2.  The Real Estate industry is the fourth largest source of bribes pouring into D.C., behind retirees, banking and law firms — ahead of Big Pharma, insurance and oil and gas. In 2013 alone, Osama Bin Boehner himself got $186,600 from Real Estate and $380,000 from banks that finance home loans with government backing. With a potential loss of 30% in real estate sales during a shutdown, you can bet Boehner and their money men are going to quickly override the frothing screams of their Teabagger base.


3.  Think that furloughs aren’t going to hurt Republicans? Think again. Small businesses account for the lion’s share of funds sent to Republicans, and they’ll get hit the hardest by the shutdown. Every week of a government shutdown drops quarterly Gross Domestic Product growth by about 0.15%.

That’s not going to grind growth to a halt, but it does cut down money spent inside the country by quite a bit. So, if you’re a small business owner who won’t make October’s lease payment because business has suddenly dried up, or you’re a member of the Chamber of Commerce who sent money to the Republican Party last year, look into the mirror and say…“Thanks, Boehner!”


4.  We already know that the National Parks are going to shut down, which might have an impact that few have considered. October is the beginning of hunting season for many species, and a shutdown of National Forest lands means no hunting on those lands. Granted, more than a few will sneak out and hunt anyway, since there won’t be any Forestry personnel to stop them. But if other national forest lands follow the pattern set by the local authorities in the author’s Ocala National Forest home, the local Sheriff’s infrared-equipped helicopters will be happy to pick up the slack. Given Florida law enforcement’s kind and gentle history, that’s not exactly a lateral move from Forestry.


5.  Almost as though it were built in as a safeguard, the shutdown classifies theBureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms as a “nonessential service.”  Paradoxically, that means NO FEDERAL GUN PERMITS ISSUED DURING THE SHUTDOWN. Oh, yes. THE BACKFIRE: The irony of this one is so self-evident that you’re probably reading this from the floor, having passed out laughing three times since watching the video. All around the country, we anticipate a wave of head explosions occurring on October 2nd as gun nuts attempt to process how they created the exact scenario they’ve been screaming about for years.

Define “Self-Fulfilling Prophesy.”

Oh, and it gets better. The gun industry in America is worth about $31 Billion a year, and will all but cease to exist during the shutdown. The National Rifle Association that represents gun manufacturers is nowhere near the top of the list for contributors, but they certainly have some pull in Congress; in 2012 alone they spent more than $4.5 million in contributions and lobbying, and more than $20 million in other bribes. Rick Berg, Tommy Thompson, Steve King, George Allen and Tailgunner Ted Cruz are the NRA’s top recipients.


So, nothing good is going to come of the shutdown — at least in the short term.  It’s just a matter of how long it takes for the voices of contributors, military personnel, government employees, small business owners, hunters and gun owners to overwhelm the protestations of old, white bigots. That might take a little while, since said old farts (who have nothing but spare time and retirement money to spend) are some of the biggest contributors to the Republican Party. But it will happen.


And when it does, the party will be left having accomplished nothing, taking credit for nothing, with nothing but a whole new group of people who hate them.  


Burn, baby, burn.

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