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With 60 members and so much silence, it seems like it is time to ask the question again!

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Actually I went from Dallas to port aransas, then to Austin this year while my husband works there. Now it's back to the island as his job wraps up. I have my studio here. While in Austin, I quilted, they have some lovely fabric stores there. What kind of Art work do you do, WS? P.s. I have done well on the island as long as my work is more conservative in nature. Looking forward to attending NCECA in march in Houston. Want to see what is happening in the clay world.

Well, you are quite the cosmopolitan Texas woman! I'm glad you are so adaptable! I paint and draw and have also been known to sculpt. Here is a family image I have been working on:

This is the maquette and I haven't finished the bigger version yet, but it consists of pictures of all my female relatives (or most of them).

It will be awesome when you finish it. I hope you post a photo.

Thanks, everybody!

Very interesting Jan. How large is it and do you have plans to add textures or other embellishments to the surface?




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