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Dostoevsky. Crime and Punishment. I read it as a kid, then picked it up again on this trip. (This time son was reading it.) Absolutely rivetting. 

I just finished Infidel (what a brave woman!) and was ready to start on Satanic Verses (S. Rushdie) before I was diverted. Next I just MUST re-read The Brothers Karamazov. Theres a reason this stuff is classical.

What about you? What's in your reading pile?

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Would you stop.


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Yes....please stop.

I had no idea how much I am disliked!


I just read this article from The New Republic Magazine, shared via Arts and Letters Daily. It concerns censorship, self-censorship, anti-blasphemy and apostacy laws with regard(s) to confronting the repressive ideology/ideologies of radical Islam. It's a long article but well worth the read.



The Man Cave Cookbook

Regenesis, by C. J. Cherryh

Just finished "New Lies For Old" by Anatoliy Golitsyn - Dood, Mead and Co., New York ca. 1986

An ex-KGB officer explains the Communist strategy of deception and disinformation.


I finished "The Sparrow" recommended by CWO3ROBBIE.  Very heavy-duty speculative fiction.

Tomorrow I'm picking up the sequel "Children of God" at the library.

Hey, its me again! New page, i have to work on. Reading alot of hyperrealistic art technique and organic chemistry! Hope all are well and happy!




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