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If you could find someone special, what are you looking for?  What matters most to you at this point in life?

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It seems every time I think I have found my Prince he turns out to be a frog. I think I am still looking for love.I would  like some common interests and affection.Honesty is very important too.  He must have a sense of humor  and be family oriented . It would be great if he liked at least five things I like to do, I hope he would enjoy being around animals. I don't know if there is much difference in my wants than there was five years ago.I have had three major broken romances in the past two years. Its usually due to being lied too. I just hate liars. I think I am easy to get along with. Maybe I am not! 

Hi Steve,It was nice to hear you are going t make your move to Florida. Have you been down to check things out yet? Or is your house move in ready? Don't forget to let me know when you get down this way.Maybe we can meet for lunch or dinner. It would have to be half way. Unless you don't mind a 3 hr.ride, I used to live down there. It has gotten so big. The traffic is the pits.

Take care, drop a line when you are not busy.  Happy moving!


The person that I would be with would have to be someone who views life along the same lines as I do. You can't be with someone who views life differently. I have tried that. It doesn't work well.

what could she be looking for?

let's hope she don't find #2

maybe she's looking for a Junior Mint.

LOL!!!  That's hillarious.  Maybe she's trying to pull her thong out of her butt.  Those things are horrible, especially when it's hot outside.  You can loose a pair up in there when everything gets slippery....giggle.

I never did.

maybe I can help.no no no,get your mind outta the gutter,i really just want to be helpful.

That's what we like about you, Tim......always a gentleman!  ;-)

yes ma'am,that's me ,mr. helpful.




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