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If you could find someone special, what are you looking for?  What matters most to you at this point in life?

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I would love to find a guy who is open,honest, will talk about all sorts of things. Not only talk, but cuddle,hug, kiss etc., cook once in a while and well to do things with.
Thought I found the man of my dreams in early Aug. we were both smitten w each other. After two weeks apart ( he in northern Va, me in East TN). He made me feel so wonderful and important. My body and soul would lite up when he called or text. Oh we'll, next..... I want a man w a slow hand...

Ohhhhhhh yeah! 

Tee-he-he. Can't blame a girl for trying
Man oh man thanks for that :) made my day

36" 24" 36" mid twenties, my glasses and Viagra.

Johnnieboy, are you having a dream? wake up!! you don't need to go back to your 20's

trust me,ol' JB does need to go back to his 20's...real bad.

it seems to calm him down.

Johnnie, we thought you like us much wiser older girls.

Hey, it's Johnnie's dream!  Let him see how long he makes it with a 20-something.  I have faith in him; he'll hang in there for at least an hour. 

That's true, Karin, but oh so much more fun to tease him!




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