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Son and I are driving from NJ to California, and presumably back again. The Inquiring Grasshopper may join us, she's been trying to hitch a ride on a trip with her bf's family (Why she'd ever want to do that escapes me!)

Son has a seminar in San Francisco from the 18th to the 28th. I guess we'll be on the road for a while, or at least as long as we can stand oneanother. We are taking my miata, so there wont be much room for luggage. Were leaving just as soon as the requisite pharmaceuticals are in place.

What';s everyone else up to?

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and rightly so!
Have a great time J Lee S!We took the kids when they were very small one of my fondest memories was standing in a long line, waiting for that $4 hotdog (can you imagine what it costs now?) I had my camera and decided to get on my knees and capture Disneyland from 'a child's perspective'. What I saw were hundreds of gigantic rear ends. That's gotta be worse than being dropped on your head when you were a baby!
I found a new summer excursion venue involving local points of interest.
I plan on attending as many crafts and arts fair excursions in Northern NJ and NY.
I found a few wonderful links to the calendar of events for street fairs in NJ & NY.
It fortunate for me that I live two blocks from Bergen County/Old Tappan hence most
of those fairs are within 30 minutes of me.



I think you'd enjoy them too. IMO, The Nyack Street Fairs are the best. I've been going
to them for the last decade and still am excited to go the next one.
Planting Tifton-85 today. Cleared a tree fallen on the county road yesterday. Saturday, I let the local wineos harvest grapes. I figure give a guy a dollar and you will see him every day. Let him pick your grapes and he will be busy making wine. The next time you see him he gives you a bottle of wine.
Hi Mari! Are you my neighbor? What kind of art do you do? Do you have a website? (you have to pm me on this.) I've been doing dichroic glass and silver clay. I've been dabbling in metal casting. Maybe we can go to a fair together. I will be back in this area sometime in August. Jackie
I'm not a professional artist, but I certainly appreciate it. I love handcrafted fine jewelry especially earrings which is why I go to these fairs. I also love the ambiance of street fairs and festivals. When I was younger, my parents use to be regular Asian food vendors for most of the major street fairs in Manhattan. The most interesting and profitable ones for us were the Gay Street Fairs down in lower Manhattan. I remember on fair where our food both was right across the kissing booth. I was young and impressionable so my parents kept trying to shoo me away from our booth. They said I should wander to the other streets. LOL So, I did wander...and lo and behold, what do I see on the next block-- a male mermaid wearing some gauzy g-string fishtail. hehehehehehehhehe

I suggest strongly you go to the Nyack Octoberfest or the the one in September. I can meet you there. Last time I had a meetup w.my AOL online buddies from CA and Canada, I took them to one of the Nyack events. We all had had a blast. It was one of the funnest days of my life.

Nyack is a picturesque Victorian-witchy looking town with a fantastic waterfront. It is also a mecca for antique shoppers.
Aggie! You are a woman after my own heart! I am picking fruit to make brandy! Jackie
ummm... Jackie - I don't think this Aggie is a woman. just sayin'. At least in the pics I've seen him in w/Pru & Robbie he sure doesn't LOOK like a woman.
:-D :-D :-D !!!!
OOOw Jaylee53 how'd it go. Every detail, dont leave out a syllable private message me here or at ms@mothersanity. com. Talking to a mental patient is like talking to a priest. Your secrets are SAFE with me. Mother Sanity
how ultracool, d's girl!!! Are you on a mission to meet TBDers? I'm in NJ! jackie
how ultracool, d's girl!!! Are you on a mission to meet TBDers? I'm in NJ! jackie




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