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Son and I are driving from NJ to California, and presumably back again. The Inquiring Grasshopper may join us, she's been trying to hitch a ride on a trip with her bf's family (Why she'd ever want to do that escapes me!)

Son has a seminar in San Francisco from the 18th to the 28th. I guess we'll be on the road for a while, or at least as long as we can stand oneanother. We are taking my miata, so there wont be much room for luggage. Were leaving just as soon as the requisite pharmaceuticals are in place.

What';s everyone else up to?

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how ultracool, d's girl!!! Are you on a mission to meet TBDers? I'm in NJ! jackie
Jackie, did you have WAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY too much caffeine last night?
Yes, it is cool that I met up w/Robbie & CuppaJoe recently.
Nope, I'm not on a mission to meet TBDers, but I have met over a dozen.
Cruised through Jersey a few months ago w/THE tbder of my life, & will cruise through it again at the end of the month when I fly into White Plains to ride back down here w/him. But we won't be stopping, as we'll be making a 16 hour drive over 2 days.
Mari, my son was born in Nyack. I lived in that area for 5 years. Remember Sugarloaf? And there are some kicking restaurants up there, too.That and its got to be the most haunted area in the country! PM me your location. I'm excited.

And besides, what is a professional artist? Someone who gives up their godgivenright to sleep til noon without question? For what? Money? You dont have to be 'professional to be great. (Unless you want to eat...) PM me your wwebsite. I'll bet your work is fantastic! Jackie
Mari, I would love to go,,,but getting someone to join me is a hassle royale.




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