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     Once upon a time there was a baby owl named Aloysius ,Owly for short. He lived in a zoo in New York City with his father and other siblings. His mother had flown the coop before Owly even hatched to join a travelling circus. Owly was an inquisitive little fellow. He often questioned his father who the family considered a WIse old owl about the world outside the zoo. 
     Owly asked" Will I ever be worth two in the bush? Am I up early enough to catch the worm? Will I migrate when I grow up? Why can't I fly South like other birds?" His father responded by saying Owly was just one dumb stupid chick, owlet to be more accurate. "You live in a freakin' cage . Where the hell are you going to fly? " he said to Owly. 
     Owly suffered from insomnia. Perhaps he thought too much about life outside the zoo. He was always tired. He older siblings told him all he needed was a good day's sleep and he would stop having these daymares in the middle of the day. Owly would dream about his notorious gangster uncle, Owl Capone, his great grandfather who was nicknamed  the bird man of Owlcatraz, and his favorite iconic hero, Owladdin and his magical lamp. Owly dreamt about going to sea in a beautiful pea green boat with a pussycat who often walked by his cage. He wanted to eat with a runcible spoon instead of chomping down on dead baby mice fed to him by zoo workers. 
     Owly's father hoped Aloysius would be a chip off the old block, wise and respected like himself but realized his son was his own owl. Owly was unhappy being at the bottom of the pecking order and was often teased by his siblings. He was tired of being the receptacle of all the other owl's pellets. So Owly decided to do something to change the way he was treated and spoken to. 
     Owly started a rigid exercise program. He began my lifting weights, working out,running, flying in circles around the cage day and night much to the chagrin of his siblings and father. He soon had bulging muscles on his tiny wings. His beak became much sharper than a razor's edge. His glaring eyes became enormous. He took up boxing as a hobby. No one would dare say a cruel word to him. He never rested except for his meals and his ravenous appetite had zoo workers feeding him live rats to devour. Instead of sitting doing nothing to pass the time like the other owls, he would float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Soon he became an owl respected and admired by all the birds in the zoo. He became known as Muhammed Owly. 

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That's all I get?   A Smiley Face?  After pouring my heart and soul and an infinite number of restless hours agonizing over each word and metaphor, researching  my topic, sacrificing  any free time I had to the dismay of my friends and family, going days and weeks ,even months without eating a wholesome meal but instead living on smores and  peanut butter and jelly and an occasional Katz Deli pastrami sandwich...YES....the culmination of a lifetime of excruciating writing and all I get is a Smiley Face? .......Well...since you're the only one who has responded at all to any of my recent literary works, I thank you very much.   How are you?   Finally summer here in New York. One week left of public school in the 5 boroughs. Wife and I off before the July 4th weekend for a few days and nights in our Pocono home.  Stay well.    I really do appreciate your response....Is anybody else out there in TBD land?  Take care.    and thanks again. My efforts have not gone unrewarded.     MARK

We, the people of the front page forum, are still here.  

About your digging and delving to bring ideas to "paper", you know you love it.

Have a nice 4th.




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