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What makes you nervous?

To me, it's being in lots of traffic.  

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Now it's just going out in public.

I kinda agree with you, Helen,although I really don't care for driving at all. In the past I've  cars break down on the road. Also,I have no sense of direction, which doesn't help. I prefer to be a passenger.

What both Syble and Steven said; also dealing with the lawyers & certain family members I've been having to deal with to settle both my mother's (d. 2012!) and my brother's (d. last June) estates. So pretty much, the only time I'm not nervous is when I'm asleep, sigh.

I am a good driver, and I love to drive.....but I hate to drive in heavy traffic in a city I don't know. Like Chicago and DC.

Mountain roads

Going out in public and being around people who won't wear masks. I have too much to live for to die because so jerk has to be stubborn. 

I agree 100% with your reply JB!

driving at night on snowy and icy roads

Night driving....can do it, but don't like it. 




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