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When was the last time you crossed a line. I mean one of those times, either online, or in real life, you either said, posted, or did something, you later regretted? Sometimes we all do, or say, things we later wish we could take back. Were you aware of stepping over that line when you did it? I mean was it on purpose? Was it inadvertent, and something you realised later? Was ot something you did not know about until it was pointed out to you? I, personally have stepped over those lines many times. Have you?

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OK, For ZenDog, the question should probably should be... When was the FIRST time you stepped over the line. :-)
Yes Dear.
I had to look up the definition of Mistress.
“Mistress: Something between a mister and a mattress.”
If I made you smile, my work for the day is done.
Hoping you can go through the rest of your day wearing a tiny smile.
and a monster hug too I hope
I think you just cracked a rib!




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