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Well....Gee...Holy Cow, I'm, I'm speachless...how much do you love your dog?

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They need one for cats. The shelters are overcrowded.

There are people who invent and people who buy. Hopefully they will use it to keep dogs from having unwanted puppies.

But the idea of it? absurd, really.
Hey Orian, do they have one that looks like a sheep? .......... (just curious)
Gee jack, I almost wish you hadn't asked that question, but inquiring minds...you know the rest.
Does this mean I have to go all the way to Brazil to get one of these?
If only we had kudos, I see both humorus and kips
I just looked on the front of forums and just below this was a title
"Is it possible to teach old dogs new tricks"
Bull, I saw that, just after I posted, and realized that I should have put it there..
Here ya go Jack, let me know how it works out for ya.
Well, I try to be a smart alec, and what do ya know, there really is such an animal..........
Are males that bad?..




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