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Anyone have a plans for the weekend?  I'm at a point with this rain we've had (5.5 inches since Wednesday) I'll settle for a walk around the block. 

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A hot date with Sandra Bullock tomorrow, followed by some romping with Pauley Perrette on Sunday. Those are my PLANS. What will probably happen is watching playoff baseball and football. 



Well I'll be danged. Sandra showed up and Pauley RSVP'd. Huzzah, Huzzah!!

My youngest son is opening a new restaurant this weekend, so Mom gets to join in the festivities.  Not sure I'm going to like this restaurant; it's more of a sports bar, but what's a mom supposed to do, but support her child....even if he's hardly a child at 38. 

My youngest son wants to open his own restaurant some day too.  Ursula, hope it goes well for him. 

Thanks, Helen.  Tim does not own the restaurant, but is the GM, or general manager.  The pre-opening party was very successful, and today is the big opening day.  I think this place will be a hit with the younger generation; it was much too noisy for me....which doesn't mean I won't be going back, but I'm hoping lunchtime will be quieter.

The waitresses are so cute in their very skimpy outfits, and I told my son, he needed to hire me as a den mother for the girls.  They seemed to like the idea, but of course, I was just teasing him.

Good luck to your son; everyone needs a dream to pursue.

It's been dreary  and rainy here, too.  I have a good friend with a birthday this weekend, so I think I will take her to dinner.  Other than that.....I'm just waiting for the rain to end so I can plant my tulip bulbs before it gets too cold. 

Tulips are beautiful.  Hope they come up really well in the spring.  It's not raining here but it's real dreary, but I'll take it.  At least I can go outside.  Also watching the Ravens.  That's always a good thing.

Farmer's market today and competing in a regatta on Sunday.

Nothing too earth shattering. Housework plus some masonry work followed by a movie (Enough Said) on Saturday. Sunday will be zumba at the gym, maybe church but definitely a dance in the afternoon. I hope not to be too bored this weekend.

I got back from New Mexico Wednesday night, worked Thursday, then went up to Springfield, Illinois for a seminar on Friday and Saturday.  Now I'm going to have a blessed two days of boredom at home.  Laundry, vacuuming, putting stuff away, etc.  I think this is the second time in 2013 that I've had two consecutive days just to hang out at home.

Bob, sounds like a great plan.  How was New Mexico?  I have a friend that wants to move to Alberqueque.  I told him I'd runaway with him. 




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