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Saturday is here.  What are you going to be doing this weekend?  I'm still trying to figure it out, except for watching the Ravens on Sunday. 

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Went to hear friends play last night, then to the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra to hear The Midtown Men (all original Broadway Jersey Boys singing songs from the 60's), followed that with going to hear another friend's band, lol!  Tonight I'm going to a luau party, tomorrow resting?  Maybe!

Today I cleaned the house a little more thoroughly as tomorrow I'm cooking a farewell dinner for my friend/pet sitter who is leaving in 3 days to live in AZ with her son. Still filling in the cracks on the house's brickwork but I may be about a third finished. I do some each day. No interesting movies to see this weekend but got out the final season of The Golden Girls to watch. Laughter is good medicine! I'm still reading my way through Middlemarch by George Eliot. It's quite a struggle but I'm halfway through it. Kind of a boring weekend it will be. 

Last night went to dinner (Mexican food) with my neighbor. Today took 2 friends to the Buddhists Center.One has been wanting to learn to meditate and they had a 4 hour class this morning. The other just went along to see what it was like. Other than that as far as I know right now no more plans for the week-end.

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went to McTaco King for breakfast.




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