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I am clothed in fruit

The sunny juice enfolds me

Wrapped in an orange

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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yummy!

burnt toast and coffee
limp daisies and orange juice...
mother's day breakfast

orange hues of fall

leaves mimicking the rainbow

pumpkins cry for knives


"Pumpkins cry for knives" made me think. It feels as though they do. Pumpkins seem as if they want to be jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin pie, don't they?

I guess--if you've gotta go, what fruit or vegetable wouldn't want to give its life at such a festive time of year? :>) 

pumpkin eater you

my favorite use for such :

orange pumpkin bread

Leaves of russet shine

orange glints across the sky

Ah, the winds of change!

You words always evoke such clear images, Westerly! XOXOXOXOXOX

crunching underfoot
deep gold and crimson carpet
heralds winter's grey

Makes me hungry, M!

moist and slightly sweet
spread with butter or cream cheese...
luscious taste of fall

tis tasty........

apples and lemons

combo of red and  yellow

gives us our orange

baked pureed fruit

spices added syrup too

pumpkin pie none left

Sorry!! I like it that much!


two rolaids deployed
our friend unbuttons his pants
and suffers for love

(Pie love, that is!)




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