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I had a great new chicken burger for dinner tonight!
No, I am not being paid to market these (although that's a really good idea! '-)
I bought these Murray's Chicken Burgers at the grocery store the other day b/c they were labeled Gluten Free & were Certified Humane in their raising & handling practices.
Honestly, the sound of a "chicken patty" is not appealing to me, but the labeling lured me into buying a package. I cooked them for dinner tonight and decided to try one naked to see how they were. THEY"RE GREAT! Oh, my gosh! Seriously they are DELICIOUS.
Okay, that's all. 
thanks for letting me share... 

...I'll shut up now.

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You were naked when you ate it????
I think you have a dangling participle somewhere in there. Refer to last weeks discussion.
PA, haven't you figured out how much fun it is to manipulate dangling participles? '-)
They aren't available in my area.
Thanks for getting me all excited for nothing...
Oh, Quinny, I'm so sorry! Maybe I could freeze some & then Fed Ex them to you?

And cowboy, what's your beef w/eating nekkid?
DG....I could take that in so many directions, but I won't.......me being a gentleman and all
ya know, cowboy, that gentlemanly thing of yours gets in the way sometimes. '-)
There is a time and a purpose for all.
When the door is closed and the world has fallen away into nothingness, when the shadows from a single candle dance slowly across the wall, when time slows to a crawl, when only Her scent, Her touch, Her breathing matters........then the Gentlman takes a rest.....and only She knows..........
wow. can't catch my breath. '-)
Did ya send them yet?
It's lunchtime, I'm hungry.
darn! I missed your address! :-(
I guess I'll just go and have a tuna sandwich.




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