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As far as his taxes go, I don’t think that there will be discovery of any kind of criminal wrongdoing with foreign governments or such. If there was, it would have come out by now through IRS procedures.

I do believe that he is afraid of being exposed by questionable business practices and more importantly (to him), we may come to find that his net worth is simply not as much as he has been touting over the years - something his ego couldn’t tolerate.

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I love it

As the Clown pointed out recently - guns don't kill...people do.

In a response to a similar concept decades ago, Johnny Carson quipped "Teeth don't bite...dogs do".

(or was it the other way around?)

I find it unusually astonishing that the Clown has called upon China to react to the current Hong Kong crisis  as humanely as possible.

As equally humane as he is treating immigrants at our border?

That would be my guess. 


And trailing clouds of glory...

The Chosen One is here!

Shout out to the head of the governing body of Psychiatric Professionals who once chided it's members for diagnosing The Clown from news reports...

Seen enough, pal?

What more do you need?

Well, well, well - isn’t this interesting?

While there are 3 Republican challengers to The Clown’s re-election, none are seen as serious contenders ( at least for now).

And 2 of them - Bill Weld and Mark Sanford actually have previous political experience. Weld was a 2-term governor of Massachusetts and Sanford was governor of South Carolina.

Joe Walsh’s impact on this will probably only be to attack the Clown by using the same classless and adolescent behavior that we’ve been subjected to for the last several years (It might actually confuse The Clown - can’t wait to see the debate).

What is important is that there are cracks in the GOP as far as The Clown’s overall support - which at the time of this writing is at 85%.

And there is still a long way to go - plenty of time for more Sharpiegates and other nonsense that continuously oozes from the incumbent.

It’ll be interesting to see how well The Clown stands up to criticism from his own party and if he can respond with any semblance of intelligence, and more importantly - facts. (Ummm, make that “True” facts).

And after that, he’ll have to face the Democratic nomination, which regardless of who it might be, will be an enormous challenge and most likely a losing proposition for him, as all of these folks are educated, intelligent, experienced, accomplished, and speak in complete sentences.

The big issue could be the recession that may be looming. It may already be here because recessions don’t turn on and off like a faucet - it takes time to assess the conditions and impacts.

And while no one in the GOP is saying anything at this time, they’ve got to be weighing the value and chances of success of a narcissist, lying, consistently poor performance polling, highly ridiculed, adolescent behaviored, often embarrassing (I could go on and on here), and so far largely ineffective president.

Additionally they have to consider the waning patience of the American people and consider if they should be responsible for the removal of The Clown or let the voters do it.

A classic rock and hard place.

I know. It should be easy for some folks. But is amazing how done give up their own self-interest for ...what? An illusion  of success? Conservative judges, tax breaks thst don't go to them, walling up brown people who are going to kill them in their beds and take their jobs, and force illegal drugs on them against their will.  You watch. The suffering farmers will vote for him again.  (Hate to be so pessimistic. I hope you are right).

C'mon Elizabeth...if you don't have a plan, you shouldn't be touting it.
Hint: Medicare for all - and who's going to pay for it? Easy...Mexico! (Hey, it worked before)

;^ )

Thumbs up in the bluegrass state tonight!

What she said!




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