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As far as his taxes go, I don’t think that there will be discovery of any kind of criminal wrongdoing with foreign governments or such. If there was, it would have come out by now through IRS procedures.

I do believe that he is afraid of being exposed by questionable business practices and more importantly (to him), we may come to find that his net worth is simply not as much as he has been touting over the years - something his ego couldn’t tolerate.

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Yeah.. we bounced the creep. He was trying to create a fuss  about some election irregularities nonsense (in the image of his mentor) and was finally reminded that not only was he a very unpopular governor in KY but also had the distinction of being one of the lowest regarded in the nation.


One of the top 10 rules of life is “Never play a woman (or a man) at their own game” - a rule that I expected you would have learned by now, but No! Wait!...you couldn’t have because you’ve only played Your game all your life.

Well, welcome to the big leagues, grasshopper!

Deny it all you want, but the reality is you were out-punched, out-flanked, and out-classed by a master.

Pelosi is a patriot, a leader, a protector, and a warrior - a defender of the Constitution...all things that you are not.

It’s time to write the State of the Union Address. What will you say?

Perhaps you might mention that after three years, you still have not produced the wall that you promised (nor has Mexico paid for it)

...or you have not repealed ObamaCare simply because you have no idea how to replace it with something better. (Another promise broken)

...or, oh yeah, and there’s that impeachment thing…

You were not impeached because…
Of your lack of leadership skills or
Your lack of dignity...
Or your failure to learn even the basics of our government or its Constitution
Or the thousands of lies that you tell the American people on a daily basis

You were impeached because you broke the law .

That other stuff just made it so much easier.

So well-written and so enjoyable. It seems like that rogue Mitch is about to have peanut butter rubbed  in his hair and get stuffed into a hall locker, as well. He's kind of damned if he do and damned if he don't (hold a real trial with docs and witnesses a nd everything).

By threatening Iraq with economic sanctions, The Clown is again demonstrating that the United States is an unreliable ally.

It would not be surprising, I think, that this moronic display might even help to thaw relations between Iraq and Iran in the face of a possible common enemy. The Iranian backed Iraqi Shiite Militia threatened today, to cut the oil flow to the U.S. if The Clown imposes sanctions on Iraq.

I have this sinking feeling that this is going to get very ugly.

Meanwhile, President Pelosi is introducing new legislation in the House this week to limit the war powers of the president.

...and on a lighter note, John Bolton indicated that he is willing to testify in the Senate impeachment trial if subpoenaed. (Nice touch, John)

Maybe that’s really what all of this is about...to take our minds off the impeachment process.

Oh, Bmichael!  Remember when they called Reagan the Teflon President?  What's slipperier than Teflon?  That would be Trump.  I truly think there is nothing he can do that will make the GOP/ his base turn on him.

Slipperyer than a greased eel. (Likewise, Moscow Mitch).

Ok...so I can’t find any masks (besides, the hospitals and healthcare folks have a much more urgent need), so I decided to try bandanas, as was recommended recently by the CDC.

Discovered that if folded and rolled properly, I can get four layers of cloth as protection for nose and mouth - and goggles for eyes. Plus, I look really cool. Haven't tried to walk into a bank yet, though.

I’m amazed at the people who have masks but do nothing for their eyes. Eyes are another potential portal for the virus that apparently can float around and linger in the air.

So...the workplace took a lead from the grocery stores and have encased us in plexiglas - a great help.

And then, there are the latex gloves, which when worn are a reminder not to touch face or food, etc.

So we get to stay open because we are considered ‘essential’ because we supply electrical, plumbing parts, etc. We reduced our hours and immediately after closing, we break out the sprayers and douse all appropriate areas with disinfectants.

It’s interesting, though. We are very busy, probably because there are not many other places to go.

The contractors are coming in, most are small, independent and are trying to keep their business going through this thing. And some folks are taking advantage - buying washing machines and dryers, etc...hardly essential.

And many others are simply trying to pass the time (because all the non-essential businesses were ordered to close) by building new decks, patios, gardens, and the like.

Last November we got rid of Governor Trump clone and replaced him with a human being.

He holds daily press conferences, shows great empathy (and sympathy) with all people and situations, and is clearly and firmly determined to get us through this as painlessly as possible.

Today we received one of those cell phone alerts - the ones that are usually reserved for Amber Alerts - except this one was reminding everyone that even though it’s a beautiful day, the virus is still here - stay home!

And our Mayor tweeted that many of the public golf course users were NOT practicing proper distancing procedures. “Don’t make me close the courses!” he threatened. You go Mr. Mayor!

Read a horrifying article today about virus patients who are sick (but coping fairly well) and suddenly, within an hour or two - gone.

And The Clown (Who’s primary interest in this pandemic is his re-election) has been reduced to making BS statements that his greatest concern is for the health and welfare of the American people) must be apoplectic because he can’t campaign with his rallies while he blames others for lack of necessary medical equipment and supplies (Damn you, GM!) GM? Don’t they make cars?

And President Pelosi has begun to emerge publicly since her impeachment victory by calling him out over his failures to handle this crisis.

Rolls eyes.

An ignorant man is more dangerous than a lion.  Turkish proverb

Yeah, but you can't trust anything Muslims say.

I know you all know that this was a dig at the Islamophobes in our country, but I feel I have to specify that anyway.  Such are the times we live in!

Thanks for sharing, Bmichael. 

My daughter lives in NYC.  She and her roommate both have COVID-19.  At least they think they do, because testing is still not available the way it should be.  They have been pretty sick for several days, after a week or more of feeling sort of sick.  On Tuesday they had to go do laundry because the only laundromat in the area still open was closing at the end of the day.  They had to walk. They wore bandannas to protect others, but which made it harder for them to breathe.  By the time they got home, they were both exhausted and wheezing.  My daughter seems to be improving since then, but recovery is often not linear, as you pointed out. 

Stay safe out there.

Praying for your daughter and her roommate, Carol.

Thank you!




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