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Did you know we're sending $1 billion in oil money overseas? Often times that money ends up in the hands of terrorists that plot against American citizens and troops.

VoteVets launched television ads demanding our senators put the nation's security first and pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation.

Will you join me in contacting your senators?

Billion Dollars A Day

We send $1 billion a day in oil money overseas -- often to nations that don't like America very much. Some of that money ends up in the hands of terrorists and funds deadly attacks on American forces, like EFPs specially designed to piece our armor.

This is what our troops are up against, everyday.

We need to break that connection and we can do it with a comprehensive clean energy climate plan. It defunds our enemies and defends America.

Some in Congress say it is a "tough vote."

Not as tough as what our troops are up against.

Sign our petition and tell the Senate that we need action, not excuses.

Full Petition Text:

We are sending more than $1 billion dollars a day overseas for oil. Money that ends up in the hands of terrorists that pay for deadly weapons against American troops, like EFPs.

Our addiction to oil continues to put our country at risk every day.

That's why I'm writing to urge you to stand with our veterans at Vote Vets and support clean energy legislation that moves American off our dependence on big oil. The connection between oil and our enemies couldn't be clearer. We need to break that connection by breaking our addiction to oil.

It's time to lead on clean energy and climate legislation.

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Click the link, watch the video, sign the petition. You'll find links to research on the side bar at right.
The most important part of this problem is addressed in the Brookings Institution's document "Defense Energy Stratigy Primer. How do we maintain our ability to protect the country while reducing our dependence on foreign oil.
you guys are really disappointing
ZDog I signed the petition. I've signed many about energy independence.
I have a little bit hesitant to answer without starting a "for oil war".
Is the US waiting for the middle east to run out of oil before we are allowed to drill?
I looked in my owner’s manual and the fuel I have to use is gasoline.
A windmill won’t fit in the tank.
There are no alternate fuels but natural gas or propane. You can convert your vehicle and turn it into a non responsive pile of metal. The corn fuels get +- two gallons per mile and starve people that rely on cheap corn as a food source.
Someday we will be able to use anti matter, matter colliders but the cost now is more than any money ever printed on this earth.
Ah, jeez. I take it back.

Except for you Darroll. Obviously, you are the other brother . . .




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