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Why do you think some people won't get the Covid vaccination and don't mind losing their job because of it? I don't understand.

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Some people claim they don't believe in  vaccines and some don't want to be told what todo by the government. I am not sure I understand either

My daughter and her husband won't get vaccinated either. She told me that a vaccine takes many years to develop ...this was done way too quickly. I don't understand them either. Our government is not going to risk millions of lives. I trust the government and Pres. Biden. Sue and her hubby  are republicans so this is a partial reason although, as I said, I trust the scientists, who are not political. 900,000 people have died and this scares the hell out of me. What else do you need to know?

I'd just like to add...losing your job??? I've always had bills,just like everyone else. How can you choose to not pay your bills? Bills are part of life. Anyway,you stop paying them and your services get cut off.

I think what bothers most people is that the vaccines were rushed through their development and not enough testing was done. We don't know enough about long-term effects or possible side effects. Also there's the question of whether or not it prevents illness. My daughter has been vaccinated and she is just ended her third bout with covid. It's a proven fact that children are the least affected by this illness and yet we are now asking them to be vaccinated as early as 6 months old. I think people are worried about the possibility of future complications from a shot that hasn't been properly tested. And some people believe this mandate is government overreach, and that it impedes our personal freedom and  individual rights.  In a "free" country, we should be allowed personal responsibility for our own health and that of our families.  A man should not be made to choose between getting an experimental drug...or feeding his family.  Pregnant mom's shouldn't be forced to jeopardize their babies' health. Our Constitution guarantees us personal liberty as long as we don't hurt anyone.  Now, here is where you will say, "But you're putting others in jeopardy by not getting the shot", except that they readily admit you can still catch it and pass it on even with the vax.  So that just makes people go...."Hmmm!".

Karin,I understand what you're saying. I agree that you should not be told that you MUST be vaccinated although Pres. Biden is doing what he feels will save lives. Once you're  vaccinated you can still get Covid but you won't be hospitalized on a ventilator. This is still in the early stages and I expect that in the future more and better developments will surface. Right now this is the best that can be authorized and I accept that. 

The SARS vaccine, which has been worked on for years, is a coronavirus. So all the years of research done on SARS were able to be used for Covid and very little was rushed through. For more info: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33341119/; 


I have no idea why these people choose this path, but I really don't care anymore. They are just taking up space and using resources that can be used by more enlightened individuals., so if they get sick, end up on a ventilator, go bankrupt to pay their medical bills, or die, that's on them. Officer Ripley is correct...corona virus studies and vaccine work has been going on for years, so this was hardly started from scratch. My grandson and his wife were vaccinated and boosted, but still got it...but just felt crappy for a while, didn't end up in the hospital and were able to continue working from home till it ran its course. I don't knowingly associate with unvaccinated people and continue to wear a mask when I go to the supermarket etc, to protect myself from these idiots.  

Who knows. To each their own.

I feel as MTwoman does. I don't feel that this is a topic that has to be hashed over again and again. It's relatively simple. I'd prefer to live so I got vaccinated. I don't see a choice. For those who like to gamble with their lives...hell, go for it! Maybe I'll see you on the other side...?????

I agree!

Me too Steve.




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