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I was sitting on the back porch having a cup of coffee and watching the rain fall and thinking how peaceful the world seemed when I had a thought enter my head. Could be a good thing, could be a bad thing, but I thought I would share it this morning. 

I am bored, board, boared. 

But then a siren broke the silence and I had another thought enter my head. Why do sirens have to wail? Why can't they come barreling down the road playing a song? 

"Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight" "get down tonight". That would be a cop car.

An ambulance could play "Let it Be".  A firetruck would naturally play "Fi-yuh (bumpbump bumpbump) fi-yuh".

Don't worry, it's a dirty nerdy thang.

I thought at one time email would be a good thing. I used to write letters, usually love letters. Something along the lines of "I have a deep aching in my right elbow to play your ribs like a xylophone".

But all one gets in emails now days are the "Obama is a nazi witch doctor from Antarctica" from my far right friends (no matter how much I tell them to stop that) or glitter kitties from my far out friends. 

I had other thoughts but they are as fleeting as the snow falling on warm ground.

Y'all have one of them there good New Years day, and maybe even a good year. 

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I don't think that was a boa...I think it was a hat.

Maybe it was both. 

Way to much Glamor here and glitter.

Happy freakin New Year, no glitter kitty from me, sarcasm is my middle name.

"There are good ships, there are wood ships

and ships that sail the seas

the best ships are the friendships

May they always be.

an Irish toast to you clink clink

That picture is pretty frightening.  It looks like something that's growing in my fridge.

It kind of scared me as a child.




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