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Some folks love the smell of napalm in the morning.

Me? I prefer lawsuits against the White House (with bacon)


you want fried documents with that?

When my daughter moved to NYC, she and my husband used to joke about how long it would be before she'd be in a Law and Order situation. (For those of you not familiar with the franchise, each episode starts with people just going about their everyday activities when they stumble across a body.)
So today it happened.  She's a dog walker and went into an apartment to take one of her dog charges for its walk, and the owner was kneeling on the floor.  At first she thought he was performing salah, said something to him, didn't get a response, so went over and touched him.  He was cold, so she felt for a pulse and didn't find one, so then called 911.  The 911 dispatcher asked if she'd be comfortable putting him on his back and giving him CPR, to which she responded that she couldn't move him -- he was in rigor.  After the ETs got there, she answered some questions, and took the poor dog, who was freaking out, for his walk.  When she got back, the body was still there, which she wasn't expecting, so that freaked her out even more.
She was told that the guy had committed suicide sometime over the weekend, and had been dead at least 24 hours.  She wasn't supposed to be the one to walk the dog today -- she was covering for someone else.
The owner of the dog walking company said she'd been in business 13 years and no one had ever found a body before.  Lucky girl!


But what happened to the dog?

I don't know yet.  It didn't occur to me to ask until after she'd hung up, and she wasn't in a situation where I could call her right back.

Apparently the only next of kin was the guy's mother, but she didn't want the dog. One of the other dog-walkers took the dog home for the time being. The building manager talked to my daughter about the dog, and my daughter referred her to the owner of the dog-walking service and they're working something out.  If all else fails, she can be fostered.  Poor thing!

The building manager, who apparently doesn't actually live in the building, took the dog.  So at least the dog has a happier ending.

If the owner committed suicide, he apparently expected that someone would come to walk the dog on Monday and would find him.  What kind of a person does that to a stranger?  I suppose that if he was of a mental state to commit suicide in the first place, he wasn't concerned about that aspect, and was only thinking of the dog.  But still.

Today, Russia accused the US of violating International law by attacking Syrian airfields. This accusation originated from a Russian spokesperson in Crimea

I've read that this was orchestrated by the Donald and Putin, to make folks say, "See?  He's not in bed with the Russians at all!"  I've also read that he warned Russia in advance of the strikes, and the odds are that Russia then warned Assad.

¿Quién sabe?

Yep...they did warn the Russians so they could get out of the way...and they didn't do a lot of damage. The message was simply "We can take you anytime we want", with a carryover message to North Korea, who, by the way, responded that the attack was "Unpardonable".

Ok...as long as we're making a mockery of the political process ...

I plan to run against Donald McRonald during the next election.

I expect to be the next president of the United States based on one promise.

If elected, every registered voter in the US will receive one million dollars - cash. No taxes...no vouchers...no tricks.

One cool million for everyone!

Can I count on your support, Westerly? Carol? Marilyn? CaliforniaNow? Anybody?

That will be via valid certified check, money order or debit card, no? None of those shady personal  paper checks or credit cards you can cancel. Yes, you have my enthusiastic support.




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