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Go ahead...tell us what you're having for dinner - we can't wait! Got a cute pic of kitty peeking out of a paper bag? Post it! We live for that stuff!

Math addict? How about a refresher on the Pythagorean Theorem?

Like macaroni and cheese? Tell us why!

So even if you're not a writer or a poet (yet), there's still plenty of fun things to do at the Armadillo!

Oh baby, oh baby!

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Here's to Wednesday!

Well, the country still exists... for now!

I haven't checked in in a while -- I hope everyone is doing well.

Great to hear from you. Check in more often. I recently survived Covid and lived to tell about it 

I'm glad you survived, but sorry you got it at all.  Was this post-vaccination?

No, I was getting ready to get one, but felt sick and waited for the "cold" to pass. Guess what. It was not a cold.

Woo hoo! Way to kick Covid booty, Westerly!

Yikes!  Were you hospitalized?

Yes. 10 days. Weak as a newborn kitten

Smiles big!

Well, I hope you continue to improve and have no lasting long-term effects.

Thank you




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