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Math addict? How about a refresher on the Pythagorean Theorem?

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So even if you're not a writer or a poet (yet), there's still plenty of fun things to do at the Armadillo!

Oh baby, oh baby!

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Reads like a poem! Have you tried calling the police? We did that with the yappy little dog on our street and the cops came right out. Check your town noise ordinance ....

How's everybody? It's been mighty quiet on the ranch ...

It's a haiku, Marilyn. :-D

Our cops do not come right out if they're called on a noise issue, and even if they did, they tell the party who complained.  I do not need one more thing to deal with right now.


What's the address?

I'll go beat the S--T out of it!




Ladies and Gentlemen...

We have a winner!

The first winner of the Triple Crown since 1978...the awesome American Pharaoh!

Unfortunately, real men do not say "Yay!"

Instead, at times like these, they say....umm...er...ahhh...shoot...

Screw it!


Yeah, I saw that. After missing Churchill downs and pimlico, I set my mental clock this time and caught the history. What usually happens is they collect their money and put out to stud. Not a bad life, but runners like to run, and he might miss all that.

In some of the boards people were complaining that the pace was too slow so AP was favored, or something. Why does somebody always try to bring good news down?

They simply can't afford to have anything happen to the horse...so it's unlikely he'll ever race again...although Seattle Slew did after his triple crown.

The pace was too slow? Ya kiddin'. There's only one gauge to this event...American Pharaoh beat the best  that was thrown at him - three times.

Sports writers...marketing morons...creating drama where their isn't, fiction out of fact...trying to capitalize on one of the few moments in the year when anybody pays attention to their dying "sport". Then its back to covering the Rhythmic Breathing competitions.

Wonder when was the last time any one of them ran a mile?

Besides...how to you critique a horse, anyway?

Grrr...where's that damned dog?

Yeah, really. Over five paces ahead after a mile and a half. He was not tired in the least. Amazing.

OK, so we all pool our funds and send the horse over to stomp on the dog ...


OK, so I guess I have some news. My contract with the bank is up July 3. I was driving somewhere thinking about how I'll come back in 3 months, when suddenly it hit me: I don't want to come back!

Emailed my husband saying, "I think I'm ready to retire." His response: "GREAT IDEA."

Haven't told the Powers That Be yet, but am doing it next week. Goom-bye to my professional home since 1996!

Bmichael, any regrets on your part .... any tips? .... anything?

Wonderful, wonderful, having the time. But you won't have the money, so think about financial independence, and if you can do that without relying on a check. (Just so you don't go back to something you hate).  Me? I had to cut back on pay-outs, but I do so love the life. love the life.

No regrets.




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