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They're here! lol

Ok…it’s my turn again…

Just got word that my father’s health is deteriorating and that the likelihood of survival is minimal – apparently a few months at best.

This is not unexpected…he’s in his late eighties…and any kind of meaningful relationship between us has largely been absent … for much of my life.

I’m told that during a particularly bad Alzheimer event, recently, he suddenly snapped out of it, and quite lucidly asked about me and a corned beef on rye…which scared the hell out of everyone.

So tomorrow, I will have to locate a sandwich and visit him…disagreeable as it is…because…because…

And so, Carol…that subterranean turmoil that we are so familiar with is beginning to churn. (smiles)


Bless you, Bmichael. Could be, when you arrive with the sandwich, you'll be met with a blank stare. No clue. I hope not. You have to try. It will feel good to try.

Oh, boy ... I can really relate, and have much, much sympathy for you. My husband asked (repeatedly) why I continued to communicate with my unpleasant, ungrateful mother and I said, "That's what we do in my family."As you said, "because ... because ..."

Don't know whether to wish you the blank stare or that your father recognizes you ... all difficult, to be sure.

Good luck! And keep us updated.

So, how did it go?

Yes, Bmichael ... unless it's too painful ... how was the dreaded daddy visit? My sympathies and emphathies!

Did you get to eat half the sandwich at least?

A few days after the visit In which I'm not quite sure he knew who I was...we received a call from hospice that indicated  he has begun showing signs of imminent death- most likely before this weekend.

We'll see.

(smiles) Did better than half a sandwich, Westerly - I bought two! One can never have enough corned beef on rye. Ya know?

Hope he recognized you in his heart, my friend. Maybe he will pass on content then.

(Good sandwich news. Dark rye, just a touch of sauerkraut, but not too much, and that deli mustard with the seeds, amirite?)

...add pastrami...and some swiss...and grill it...!




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