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Don't forget that the clocks go back an hour tonight.  I don't like this at all, because it gets dark so much earlier.  I love sunshine.  How do you feel about it?

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I  already turned mine back so I don't forget it.I too hate it when it gets dark so early.

The bright side is that you get an extra hour of sleep tonight!

I'd rather they never turn the clock ahead, I like standard time. As for darkness, it comes and goes no matter what the time. If we wanted to conserve the light, we'd get up with the sun and go to bed with the dark and fix our work schedules around that. Unfortunately we've gotten away from that with electric lights and fixed employment hours. So, it really doesn't matter.

I heard on the radio that one group not only wants to do away with Daylight Savings Time, but wants to divide the country into just two time zones. That would take getting used to. The rationale given was to increase the ability for people to do business across the country at the same time. I thought, why not just go by GMT then? One time to fit the whole world. We'd still have to sleep. We'd still have to wake up. We'd still be inconviencing someone's bed time, so what's the difference. Time is just a marker for us. Enjoy the early sunlight and relax in the evening shadows.

I wish we could keep the temperatures and number of daylight hours that we  have in June all year long.  I feel so much better with the additional daylight and I love the heat.




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