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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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I have one who is periodically toxic. He has extreme moofs.

You have one family member who is the peacemaker.

Not really.

You don't much like practical jokes.

Right. They are childish and hurtful.

You like really subtle, dry humor.

I do!

Puns leave you cold.

Usually. My FIL used to be a big fan of puns, so I tried to appreciate them.

Slapstick is really lost on you.

Yes. Although the Charlie Chaplin variety was okay.

You have had (Christmas) plum pudding.

Just once. Not impressed. My MIL never made it again either

You don't usually include Mac and cheese as a side dish for Christmas or Thanksgiving. ( I keep seeing it featured online and on tv).

Nope. Our holiday feasts were pretty spare, but I liked it that way! Here's my traditional Thanksgiving dinner: turkey/stuffing, mashed potatoes/gravy, and asparagus. Condiments were cranberry sauce and sometimes spiced peaches. Pie--usually pumpkin and/or cherry for dessert. Finis. LOL

You had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner as a kid that didn't vary much. (If so, and you feel like typing it, I'd love to hear what it was.)

Actually, our traditional was very much like yours, simple and traditional. Sometimes mom baked yams or sweet potatoes and we mashed butter into them. We had peas, sometimes with the small onions in them or steamed white onions. Rolls and butter. Pies were pumpkin and apple. Apple cidar was served to drink.

You remember using real ink and a fountain pen for "penmanship." The Palmer method,, I believe.. We got graded on it. I usually got a C for irregular letters and some smearing of the ink.

(Wow. Our dinners were similar. Sometimes Mom made creamed peas and onions especially for my dad. We either had apple cider or cranberry juice to drink.)

I do! My letters were too "loopy" and big.

You are left-handed.

I am not.

Sometimes you know what people are thinking, if you are sitting in the same room with them.

Generally what they're thinking, yes.

Sometimes you jump when the phone rings.




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