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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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OMG, no--although I probably should have. Haha! (Wow--the 14-page agreement with such a level of specificity makes you wonder why those people ever wanted to be together in the first place!)

Once in your life, you left a relationship and a lot of material things behind. 

Almost, but not quite

You have never been tempted into a relationship by comfort and ease. 

Absolutely not. I'm not a big fan of doing anything for comfort and ease--unless one has been in a lot of pain and distress.

You have always felt a sort of happy roiling in your solar plexus (or some other sign) when you meet someone who excites you intellectually/emotionally/spiritually. 

 that is true.  A listening of the palms, as well.

You have met people you are absolutely sure you know from somewhere else and some other time. 

Absolutely! Actually, Draughn was one.

You've met people you're absolutely sure you know from somewhere else and some other time. ツ

Yes. And it sometimes feels as if they just stepped in from another room in the middle of a conversation. 

You have done a Ouija board, but you are a bit skeptical of that. 

Yes. Used to do it a lot as a kid, and I'm not sure what I believe.

You like classic and psychological scary movies, but not "slashers." (I may have asked you a version of this before.)

Not asked before. Yes 

You sometimes read best-selling "thrillers " of the crime-solving type, and find them entertain and not a waste of time

I'm not a fan thrillers/mysteries because I'm one of those weirdos--lol--who knows what's going to happen from the beginning of the book.

You like fantasy classics like Lord of the Ring.


A little bit, not as well as some.

You have a little something giving you heartburn right now, but you know it will turn out. 

Not literal heartburn ツ, but yes, I have a couple of difficult situations going which I hope will turn out.

You're looking forward to Autumn.

No. I like it hot. 

Your taste for apples grows stronger as September approacbes.




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