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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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(Ray Bradbury)


you use canning jars to drink from

I never drink a whole can of Coke so I pour the second half into a jar and then, yes, usually drink from it.  But other stuff, a glass.

you keep your spices somewhere other than a spice rack


you knew someone who tap-danced, for fun or professionally

wellll, I know someone who took lessons (she said; I guess she did)

on your actual desktop, you have nothing but computer stuff

well, nothing but my phone and my calendar. And a pen, And a pencil

you jot to-do lists on your planner

boy oh boy do I ever!  On my large wall calendar actually.  People forget stuff and they refuse to write stuff down; what can they expect?  And they laugh at me for doing it.  I used to have a daily planner book with hours on it (when the kids were little) and that was fantastic!  I find that now, if I make a list, I get stubborn and don't do it.  What's that about????  Being your own boss, I guess, and defying the boss.

You are able to ignore things that you wish to ignore.


sometimes you're almost afraid to check up on the daily news

yeah, I skim the headlines and if I see something that sounds positive, I read it.

sometimes "teal" is "aqua" depending upon where you purchase the shirt

absolutely.  Also "seafoam" or "robin's egg"

you remember when you could find shoe wax they called "oxblood"

you know, I think I do.  At least I know what color it is.  I still have tins and bottles of shoe wax and polish - and they're still good!!!  

you wish everyone and his brother would stop doing their version of Trump

I actually don't know anyone who does it. But lots of catch-phrases thrown into speech, like bigly, and "sad."

you wonder when SNL is coming back from its hiatus




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