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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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Yes, most of the time. On the outside.

You have a very special pair of earrings someone you love gave you.

Actually, my favorite earrings got stolen: silver and turquoise from Mexico

You had something dear stolen, more than once

Yes. Heartbreaking. (Tell me about your earrings, if you don't mind. A "no" is okay! ツ ) 

You still think about your earrings now and then--not because of the material value; but, because of the emotional value.

My mother bought them in Mexico when she was there. They were clipons  not pierced. They were on a glass shelf in the bathroom. And after a party my teenaged son had hosted, they were missing. :^ (

Yes, they weren't awfully expensive , but well liked and missed

You once, or maybe still do have pierced ears

(I'm so sorry about your earrings! My stolen earrings--clip-ons as well--were designed by my Dad for me in Japan--a pearl sitting inside a gold lotus flower. They were the only really personal gift I ever got from him, and they were my most precious possession. My f*cking brother decided it was his right to "borrow" them without my knowledge for his wife to wear during their wedding. But, she already had earrings. He put my earrings down somewhere and they were stolen. He never even bothered to search for them. Obviously, I'm STILL angry.)

I do have pierced ears--double piercings actually. But, I haven't put in earrings in years.

Your mother didn't believe in piercing the ears of a child.

They sound beautiful. I am sorry 

True, that.

You had a friend pierce your ears for you, with ice and alcohol.

Nope. One set by a doctor friend, one set by a person in a store. 

You're allergic to base metal earrings.




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