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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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I love visiting them, or watching the races. I am allergic to horses, so no touching

You have no allergies

I was allergic to everything--hahaha! Animal dander was one of the things, but I loved animals so much my mom couldn't keep me away from them. I often ended up with my face swollen like a full moon. I had shots, but I think constantly smooshing my face into animals is what finally desensitized me.

You had asthma.

Nope, escaped that

Whenever you rode the bus, you liked closing yoh eyes and listening to the waves of gabble

True--but I mostly rode the bus in grade school where I was a "bus patrol," so I had to stand up during the ride. No closing my eyes--hahaha!

In airplanes, you like to sit by the window.


In the backseat of a car, you don't mind the center seat

I wouldn't mind it, but I sometimes get carsick in the backseat, so a window seat is better.

You prefer driving to being a passenger in a car.

Pretty much

You know what a "long-running script " is. (I can't figure that out).

Yes--I have a general idea. It's usually a JavaScript program which is taking too long to execute.

You feel overwhelmed by the number of acronyms and the seemingly nonsensical jargon in all things technological. (I do!)


Vegans don't eat honey because it's stealing the food from bees. (I heard that).

By definition, vegans don't eat animals or use animal products, so eating honey would be verboten. And, yeah, one of the supporting reasons I've heard is that honeybee populations are beginning to suffer so, because they're one of our major pollinators, it's particularly important not to rob them of the food they need to get through cold times.  However, some vegans do eat honey if it is raw (unprocessed) and produced by humane beekeepers who harvest only small batches of the truly excess honey made by a hive.

You have thought about being vegetarian.




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