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Do many of you get a lot of trick or treaters? I used to look forward to them, especially the little ones, but I live we never see them.  Do you enjoy seeing all the kids dressed up?

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May I never get old enough to consider these little ones "annoyances".  Celebrating holidays with the children keeps me young. My great grandkids were out tonight; I'd have given anything to have been there. 

LOL Karin!

It's 6:30 and I just had my first Trick or Treaters!!

Karin, I'm with you, dark chocolate or nothing at all....fortunately I bought milk chocolate so I won't be tempted to eat it all....well, maybe one piece!

I saw you!!  You ate a piece of that milk chocolate, didn't you?? 

You know.....regarding the thing about the kids being bigger than us.....I still remember when I was 11 years old, taking my little brother out trick or treating in our neighborhood.  A bunch of us went to a nearby little store that we knew the owner of.  He was usually really nice about giving out stuff.  I was wearing the "Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come" costume my mother had made me....with a really spooky mask.  I was tall for my age.....and that store owner was a little guy.  He knew me....but he didn't recognize me in my costume.  He yelled at me and told me I was too old to go trick or treating and he wouldn't give me anything.  I probably should've taken my mask off and showed him who I was.....but I was so upset, I just started crying.  I took my brother by the hand and left.  As you can see.....I have never forgotten that. 

You caught me!!  It was a snack size Almond Joy and I got a  reminder of why I don't like milk chocolate...yucky ucky sweet!!  Or as they used to say, gag me with a spoon sweet!!!

Not too many kids this year, maybe 30, but the last 3 groups were all teenagers.  But they were polite and what the heck, I'd rather they ate the candy than me!!

I had four Minnie Mouses (MIce?)  They ranged all the way from around 3 yrs old to about 13.  They were really cute. I had a ballerina who was about 2 and tiny.  She was so pretty.  It pains me to have to admit other people have cute kids, too......but they do. 

We have a lot of military and retired military in my neighborhood, so some of the older boys wear pieces of military attire.  I had a sniper at my door tonight.  Spooky-looking. 

Minnie Mice!!  How cute!!  I am an honorary grandmother to quadruplets; all boys now age 5 and into action hero figures, but my favorite costume will always be the year we turned them into M&Ms.  Wish I had a picture to share; they were so cute!!

Wonder if I would have opened the door to a sniper; that is spooky!!  Of course, my dogs were barking up a storm, so I doubt anyone would have done anything stupid.

Now to figure out what to do with all that candy!!!  Besides eat it.....

Well, so much for my quiet evening, a group of teenagers just came by and one tall young man with a full face mask stood to the side of the door when I opened it.  I'm still surprised that I didn't scream, but my heart is racing a mile a minute!!  Which is actually kind of funny because the mask had a large nose and I swatted him in the nose and told him it was not nice to try to scare me.  Oh well, they all laughed and he gave me a thumbs up as they left.  Of course, tomorrow morning I may find my house has been TP'd.

Naah!  I doubt it.  They are happy to have been able to scare someone.  It makes their night.  I stay out on the porch, so I can see them coming.  Takes the startle effect out of it.  I had to laugh....there was a daddy out with his two kids....a girl, about 6, who was Princess Belle.....and a boy, about 4, who was some superhero.  They had already been at my door, and were coming back past my house on their way to the next block, when I heard the boy say, "You know, Dad, I'm not that scared".  Dad said, "You're not?  Well, how 'bout if I take off running.....will that do it?" 

Sounds like you guys all had fun.  Wish we could get kids to come here, but since the apartments are hard to find, we never see any. 

We had very few Trick or Treaters this year.I am glad people are not letting the kids roam the streets alone.We live in a quiet area with very few young children in it. We have tons of candy left.I love chocolate and I can't keep it near me. I am  chocoholic (borderline Diabetic). Damn! I think we will skip Halloween next year or go up to Jax to see the Grand kids. I am not a big fan of Halloween myself,

. My Mom always had Halloween parties for us, They were fun, I did the same for my children,We played games and bobbed for apples,etc. I hope everyone enjoyed the evening.

I'm always prepared for trick or treaters, but this year, like last, no one came and so I'll be cashing in the Wendy's coupons that I bought for them and eating all those junior frostys myself!




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