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To pee or not to pee. , THAT my friends is the question that has bewildered mankind since humans beings have been living on Earth.
It's three o'clock in the morning. You're half asleep. No !! You're more asleep than awake. You are so comfortable under your blanket with your head on the pillow,you don't want to get up BUT that annoying urge is there...the urge to urinate. it's not an overwhelming urge. The need to get out of bed can wait.Or can't it? I know in my dilemma ,I'm afraid to get out of bed because it's hard if not impossible to fall asleep again if I do. This is even truer when it's almost time for me to get up for work, by 5:15 AM.
As I vacillate in my mind what to do in this precarious limbo position,the urge to pee claims victory after some tedious moments of deep ruminating, especially if it's after 4 AM. So the question of to pee or not to pee is more of a "when" than an "if". So there goes my REM sleep and my much needed rest.
Being the considerate person I am, I go downstairs to use the bathroom so as not to wake my wife in the bathroom outside our bedroom. Yes..it's nobler in my mind to flush downstairs.It's the Princely thing to do.

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When it's brown flush it down.

Be careful where you pee.

Pee upstairs but don't flush -

you won't have to wake up fully which could ultimately save you a `trip' downstairs

and it conserves water too  :>)

ummm, and if you don't like those options,

they have adult diapers these days

that last the whole night through - no worries, ha!

It's simply a question of mind over bladder.




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