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 to begin with, earlier this week it was found that the microsoft browser internet explorer had a serious security flaw IN ALL VERSIONS that could be used to compromise a computer by the bad guys. the flaw was so serious and severe that homeland security recommended that computer users stop using explorer until it was fixed. today microsoft released the patch for explorer and at the same time released a patch for xp tho they had previously declared there would be no more support for xp. this is actually a very smart move by microsoft since xp is still being run on 1 out of 4 computers and it is the software running on little things like bank atms and etc. imagine the liability if they hadn't patched xp at the same time? banks and other enterprises could have massive lawsuits against microsoft and point to the browser as the path of entry for the bad guys. anyway....this means it is now time to update your windows to install the updates. one easy path...

1. Open Control Panel
2. Open Windows Update
3. Manually click the ‘Check for Updates’ button

or open control panel....type windows update in the little search space above and when it is found click check for updates. then follow the directives

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THANKS!!! Will give it a try on my XP.




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