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Or a three word sentence.
Let us know how your day has been...

I'll start:


Resplendent....(my garden)

Reflective....(just the usual...how did I get here...)

*No, the words don't have to rhyme or start with the same letter...My day just fell that way..*

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Is ECT involved? Just wondering....:-)
Were there batteries involved, Sme?????
O, that could be interpreted another way...
of course it can.......remember I am a gentleman. Just ask the blonde Yankee Girl.
Are we talking little tiny AAA batteries? Or we talking car batteries?
No wanting for imagination in here....get your minds out of the gutter....!LOL!
Haven't been fired !

Wait! I'm trying to catch up.... B & J... did you 2 just have a visit w/one another? Am I totally out of the loop?
KarensMe - yay for you! I wish you BIG love & happiness!
Congrats, Kainsworth!
Quinn- you're funny! hehehe
TeeBub... car sized batteries- WHAT are you talkin' about?! '-)
Yes to that....
yay for you!! '-)

Howdy ya'll..!




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