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I only got half way through the article this link leads to, http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35819134/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/

before I started asking God to take this man and put him in eternal Hell right now.  Maybe I will gather some reserve to read the rest of the article later.    Trust me folks--do not have any dangerous weapons in your hand if you plan to read this one.  This is evil in the most purest form available.

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Take him to Iraq and let them tri him.
I saw nothing more shocking than a teacher possibly having been eaten by wolves. ...Which is BAD dont misunderstand me. At the same time the tyeachers around here arent exactly saintly rocket scientists. So the wolf ate one. Tomorrow is another day.
I got the main page the first time I clicked the link too. Then I tried again and got the disturbing story. You're lucky you got the main page.
can u send me a correct link?
Yet another case of a man with priors being released back into his home and into the public.
I must have missed the part about thew priors.
Awww, religion! How I loathe thee. And yet we continue to teach and study this crap weekly in our houses of worship and then sit back and wonder at what we reap.
Not exactly a saint, was he?

Aw, but you seem to be smearing all religion (and presumably Christianity in particular) with the same brush. Just because this demented pervert did this terrible thing, it doesn't mean that religion as taught in the churches is bad.




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