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I don't know about everyone else, but I'm sad that Labor day has come and gone and summer is over as we know it.  What things do you have planned for the next month or two while the weather is still nice? 

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You got that right! 

She did an album (vinyl) oh so manny years ago with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra, and yes I did have that album, but sold it when I moved. DRAT! But oh, I love her singing those old classics  *big sigh*

Discounting readying the house for winter, I like to spend a bit more time in the park and do maybe one more competition. I'll also resume bowling. Even though the alleys are air conditioned, once you start to bowl, it doesn't seem to be enough. Also it's cooler where I do my volunteer work. I won't be taking a college course this semester (nothing I liked on offer) but will have to do the paperwork now for the spring. Taking the subway into Manhattan will be more comfortable now too.  

I felt like that when I was younger. Loved ice skating all winter! But I think for many people, and I hear this from my friends, it just gets harder as we age. I can find something to do every season here in WI...just not all the things I used to do. ;)

What part of Wisconsin, Lily? 

(By the way.....my upcoming great granddaughter is named Lily.)

I am in Sheboygan now, but was born/raised in Milwaukee and lived in suburbs north and west of there.

I lived mostly on the south side. Howard Ave.....Morgan St......Becher....I lived across from Kosciusko Park for a while.....and I graduated from Pulaski High on 27th and Oklahoma.  We used to go to Sheboygan for the Bratwurst Festival.  Do they still have it? 

They do! And they have one of those gross (IMHO) eating contests.

I still enjoy seeing/hearing new news anchors pronounce " Kosciusko"...along with some other WI goodies!

I have some great memories of hanging out at the old McKinley Beach. It was always our favorite; now they built a marina there, and the only beach left on the north side is Bradford. 

We always hung out at Bradford...volleyball in the sand! And into the lake when it warmed up!

Uh-huh.  I've played volleyball on that beach. 

Kooner, it seems that in the colder weather, I just don't have the energy and I tend to get tired and depressed.  The heat energizes me and I can take the baby and go outside and visit with all my neighbors.  We just don't do it as often once it's cold.  I've never been much of a winter person, but it will be fun to show the baby the snow this winter. 




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