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Okay...we've been around the block..Been there...done that...    Either from just plain being tired...worn out...or fed up...

What's on the "done" list?


Won't lift the heavy stuff...leave it lay or ask a hunky young thing to do it....









I don't do pantyhose anymore....either my arms are too short or my legs have gotten longer.















This is definitely not my style....kissing up or bowing over backwards...to anyone.

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I won't pretend to like things I don't like just to be polite any more.

I won't wait more than 15 minutes for a date if he doesn't call, and even then he'd better have a doctor's note.

I won't go out with a man who is anything less than completely respectful and completely kind to me.

I won't feel guilty if someone wants to clean up after me.

I won't compromise my integrity for the sake of potential financial or social gain.

I won't give up on the idea of having fun and finding joy in every single day.

Yup...you got it going on...!


I can't have anymore babies.

Gee, that's a shame.




carry a gun


white water canoeing

Downhill skiing

get into fist fights

public speaking

the twist

bend over and touch my toes without bending my knees

write contract proposals

Supervise people


ride motorcross or enduros

run the Army 10 miler

Argue with Tim

Do my own taxes


You can still breathe, right???

Some of those things I can still do, but won't.

"Been there done that" kind of thing.

Aw come on Robbie, you aren't still fist fighting are you?
I can't stay up till 3am :-)
Quinn, you're lucky you can sleep at night. I can stay up forever. I have to take a pill to go to sleep at night and even then, if I don't time it right, I'll be up stareing at late night tv. On the good side of that, I get a lot of things done while everyone else in the universe is snoring away.

I am a world class sleeper :-)

Guess I should appreciate it more than I do...

No more running and no lifting and no sweeping the floor!!! Guess who sweeps the floor nowadays... Go on... Guess!!! That's right.... Larry... What a sweetheart!!! Oooops, too flowery??? :)

Won't snow ski. . . I now have two bad knees from a tobogganing accident.

Can't just eat anything I feel like.  Especially chocolate.

Can't stay awake much past 9 (I'm up for work at 6 am)

Just can't worry like I used to.  Doesn't help to worry.





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